Custom Application Field is a dynamic feature in Skillate which allows recruiters to define fields that they want to capture through a candidate’s application. To capture custom information through these fields, they have to be included in the application configuration for career page, referral, agency, and internal job posting.

For configuring the application fields, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General Configuration > Custom Fields > Application Fields.

  2. Click on Create New.

  3. In the following pop-up, add a title, and description (optional).
    Creating custom application field

  4. Choose a type for the new application field from the drop-down menu.

  5. The placeholder will be auto-filled as per the title you are providing.

  6. Check the box to link this to the candidate’s field as well.
    By doing so, the value that is entered for the field will be available to view from the Candidate About Page.

  1. Click on Add to complete the process.

Upon adding the custom application field, you can click on more options for editing or disabling the respective field. You can enable back the field anytime by clicking on more options provided for the field.
Managing custom application field

Job-wise Application Questions:

Users can add questions to already prepared application forms for Careers Page, Referral, Agency, and IJP. For the same,

1. Navigate to any of the jobs > Source Candidates > Application Questions.

Creating Application Questions

2. You can add questions to already configured Careers Page, Referrals, Agency, and IJP Application Forms. 3. Click on +Create New Section. Enter a section name in the following pop-up and click on Create to save the changes. 4. For adding questions to the created new section, click on New Question. Creating Application Questions

5. From the following pop-up, select the application field that you would like to add here. Please note that only those fields which are not in use will be available to add. The rest (those fields which are already used in the respective application form) will be in the disabled state. 6. Add dependency criteria (if any), and choose if the field should be mandatory, optional, or OFF. 7. Click on Add to complete the process. The questions added will reflect only for that particular job.