Feedback is important in decision-making and especially in recruitment. You might have assigned an interviewer to evaluate a candidate. If you have a set of questions prepared well in advance covering all your major touch-points, as a recruiter you can save a lot of time.

They can simply answer them and add their ratings based on which you can decide further.

This article helps you understand - 

  • What are the various types of feedback questions?

  • How to configure a feedback questionnaire?

Understanding types of feedback questions

A feedback question in Skillate can be set up in any of the six types: 

  1. Single line text (up to 250 characters)

  2. Paragraph (up to 2000 characters)

  3. Single Select 

  4. Attachment

  5. Rating Scale

  6. Parameters Rating Scale

Getting started with configuring the questionnaire

You can create questionnaires and group them as per the purpose. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Job Setup > Feedback Library.

  2. Click on Create New Group to get started with a new set of questionnaires.
    Groups can be named as per the round’s requirement. It further helps you in adding them to a feedback form round in the job’s hiring plan. Learn more about adding a questionnaire to a job here. 

  3. Enter a name for the group and add a description. Click on Save.

Creating Questionnaire

From the list of groups, click on the required group and follow the below steps to configure a questionnaire for the respective group:
Creating questionnaire

  1. In the following page, click on Create a section to add sections and questions. 

  2. Enter Section Title and add a description to the section. 

  3. Choose a question type from the drop-down list and add a Question.
    Selecting question-type from the drop-down

  4. If it is a mandatory question, check the box for Mark as required.

  5. For adding a new question:
    You can click on the Copy icon provided next to the Delete icon against each question. Thus, the question along with the question type will be copied and added as a consecutive question.
    Click on Add another question and follow steps 1 to 4 mentioned above.

  6. Click on Delete provided against each of the questions if you want to remove any questions.

  7. You can reorder the questions by drag and drop.

  8. When you have your questions ready, click on Save.

  9. You can have quick glance at the saved set of questions by clicking on the Preview Questionnaire.

The feedback link (if not filled) doesn’t expire upon moving a candidate to the next stage or round. Please note that it will expire if the feedback was filled before moving the candidate to the next stage