The Job Approval feature in Skillate offers your organization to configure an approval chain for all the jobs created. These further give the stakeholders more significant control over the organization’s recruitment process.

This article helps you understand:

  1. What Job Approval Chain?

  2. How to configure a job approval chain?

Permission required: Site Admin

Configuring Job Approval Chain

  1. Navigate to Settings > Job Setup > Job Approval Chain.
    You can set up a job approval chain for your organization as a whole or a specific office or department.

  2. For configuring job approval for your organization:Default Hiring Plan

  • Click on Edit provided for Default Approval Chain.

  • Add the approvers as required in Approvers.

  • Choose from the drop-down if all the approvers should approve or only one(any) of them needs to approve. If any one of them rejects the job, it will be considered.
    Default Hiring Plan

  • Additionally, choose if you want the approval emails to be triggered in a particular order or sent out to all approvers at once.
    Default Hiring Plan

  • Additionally, you can add another approval step by clicking on Add Approval Step. You can add the users as approvers, set if they need to approve, or one approval would suffice.
    Default Hiring Plan- Add Approval Step

  • Once more than one approval step, it is necessary to choose whether you need to send out approval emails in the order you have defined or send in one go.
  • Click on Done to complete the process.

  1. You can also set up an approval chain specific to the office and department. Those jobs matching the configured office and department will automatically have the defined job approval chain.
    The configuration is as same as that of the 
    Default Approval Chain. Please refer to the above steps for the same.

You can choose if the approval needs to happen in the order or all at once. All at once: will send out the request for approval to all the approvers simultaneously.
- In the case of approval in order, the approvers in the first step will receive the notifications first. Upon their approval, the next set of approvers will get approval notification. 

If you have permission to edit a job, you can further configure the job approval chain at the job level. 
If any specific stakeholder needs to approve for the particular job, or someone from the approval chain has left the organization.

Learn more about configuring the approval chain at the job level here.

How to add multiple criteria for Job Approval Chain?

1. Navigate to the Settings > Job Setup > Job Approval Chain.
2. Click on Create Approval Chain to enter a new job approval chain.
3. Enter a approval chain name and click on Create Approval Chain. You will be navigated to define the approvers for the new approval chain.
4. Specify the order and who needs to approve the job. 
5. Click on Done to save the approval chain.
6. Further, click on the Manage Criteria (new).
7. From the following pop-up, click on the Add Criteria to add a department-location-grade criteria for the job approval chain.
8. You can select the office, department and grade from the dropdown menu and click on Submit.

9. You can add as many criteria as required by following the same steps (7-8).

- All the existing job approval chains have been migrated to the new method. Thus, new criteria can be added to the older job approval chains.
- These older job approval chains are named as per the department-office-grade combination which was used while creating them. However, these can be renamed now.
- A combination of department-office-grade cannot be repeated in multiple job approval chains, nor within the same job approval chain.
- Default Job Approval Chain will have All Departments - All Offices - All Grades added as criteria by default. These cannot be deleted. But you can add new criteria to the Default Job Approval Chain.