When you have jobs created for your organization and are for hiring within the organization, at Skillate we allow you to have it posted as Internal Job Posting (IJP). These are the kind of careers page that is accessible for internal employees who can view and apply for a job within the same organization.

It helps in easy team change or department change. Recruiters can create a job and can also choose the visibility of job postings from Skillate.


This article helps you understand:

  1. How to configure IJP for your organization?
  2. How to post a job on the Internal Job Posting Portal of Skillate?
  3. What are the features available for IJP?
  4. What is the 'eligibility criteria' feature on IJP?
  5. How can someone apply for a job from IJP?


Permission required for configuring IJP: Site Admin
Permission required for publishing a job on IJP: Site Admin and Job Admin

Configuring and Managing IJP

Before configuring IJP for your organization, please ensure that you have created the necessary custom fields for the application. If not, please refer to the document here to get started with creating custom application fields.

Upon adding necessary custom fields:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Sourcing Configuration > Internal Job Posting.

  2. From the Internal Job Policy tab, you can upload your organization’s internal job hiring policy. The same will be available to view for employees while accessing IJP.
    It can be updated anytime from the same page.

  3. Go to Configuration and you can get the candidate application form ready.

Setting up a candidate application form for IJP

Configuring IJP

  1. Click on New Field, if you want to add a new field to the application form. 

  2. In the following pop-up screen, you can select the application field from the drop-down list.

  3. Add a field name (which will be visible on the application).

  4. Further, you can define dependency criteria for the application field. By adding this, the above-mentioned field will be visible only upon satisfying the criteria.
    Publishing new job on IJP

  5. Click on Remove Dependency for removing the condition.

  6. Choose if you want the field to be Mandatory, Optional, or Off on IJP.

  • When a field is marked as Mandatory: on the application form, it will be displayed as a compulsory field to be filled.

  • When a field is marked as Optional: on the application form, it will be displayed as a field that can be filled or not.

  • When a field is marked as Off: on the application form, the field will not be displayed.

  1. Click on Add to complete the process.

Note: Click on Preview Form to view the form with the added fields.

Job-wise Application Questions:

Users can add questions to already prepared application forms for Careers Page, Referral, Agency, and IJP. For the same,

1. Navigate to any of the jobs > Source Candidates > Application Questions.

Configuring Application Questions at Job Level

2. You can add questions to already configured IJP Application Form. 3. Click on +Create News Section. Enter a section name in the following pop-up and click on Create to save the changes. 4. For adding questions to the created new section, click on New Question.

5. From the following pop-up, select the application field that you would like to add here. Please note that only those fields which are not in use will be available to add. The rest (those fields which are already used in the respective application form) will be in the disabled state. 6. Add dependency criteria (if any), and choose if the field should be mandatory, optional, or OFF. 7. Click on Add to complete the process. The questions added will reflect only for that particular job.

Publishing a job on IJP

Internal job postings come into the picture after you have created a job on Skillate. If you haven’t created a job yet, please refer to our help guide for the same. 

Upon creating a job on Skillate, follow the below steps to publish the same on your IJP:

  1. Navigate to Source Candidates > Internal Job Posting
    Publishing a job on IJP

  2. Before publishing the job, ensure that you set criteria for the job visibility. 

  3. Choose a Grade, Department, and Location from the dropdown menu. The employees who belong to the defined set of criteria will get to view the job and apply from IJP.

  4. Click on Add/Remove Eligibility Criteria. The Eligibility Criteria allows you to define the minimum eligibility that is expected to apply for the job.
    Adding Eligibility Criteria

  5. If you cannot find the required eligibility criteria, click on +Add New Criteria. Add and click on Save to add the eligibility criteria to the respective job opening.

    Note: You can add only those fields which are existing in the 'My Profile' section of your account.
    Adding eligibility criteria

  6. Click on Save & Publish to save the visibility criteria and publish the job on IJP.

  7. In the following pop-up screen, you can set up a job expiration date. Upon reaching the defined end date, the job will automatically be unpublished from IJP.

Publishing a job on IJP 


1. You can fetch a shareable link for the published job on IJP upon publishing the job. Click on Copy to copy the link to clipboard.Fetching shareable link for the job
2. Clicking on the hyperlink to the internal job posting page would take you to the page where all the internal jobs are published.

3. Clicking on the hyperlink to view the internal job policy would take you to the page where you have uploaded the internal hiring policy that is being followed in your organization.

Applying for a job published on IJP

An employee can view and apply for a job from IJP by:

  1. Log in to Skillate’s Employee Portal.

  2. From Overview, click on View internal job posting. It will take you to the internal job posting page of your organization.

Job on IJP

  1. All the jobs published for internal hiring will be listed here.

Learn more about using Skillate Employee Portal here.

Note: You can view only those jobs which are published for your Grade, Department and Location specifically and also which are published for all Grades, Departments and Locations.

  1. Click on the job you would like to apply for.

Jobs on IJP

  1. On the following page, you can view the job description and other details about the job.

  2. You can click on Apply Now to submit your profile for the job.
    Apply for job on IJP

If you need to share the job with a colleague. you can click on the Copy or click on the mail icon to send it via email.

When you have an eligibility criteria added to a job, the system notifies the employee if they are eligible for applying for the job or not.

IJP also displays the defined eligibility criteria for employees' reference.
Viewing jobs with eligibility criteria
  1. On the following page, add a resume, and review the details that are pre-filled.

For changing any of the pre-filled details, you may have to log in to app.skillate.com and change them from Settings > My Profile.
  1. Click on Submit to complete your application process.
    Upon applying for a job, it will show Applied against the job.

Viewing candidates applied from IJP


As a recruiter, you can make use of filters provided by Skillate to view the candidates who have applied for the job via IJP.


  1. Navigate to the Job > Candidates.

  2. On the left panel, click on the filter: Source.

  3. In the dropdown menu, choose Internal. Those candidate profiles received from IJP will be listed out for you.


View candidates sourced via IJP