What's New in September?

Bring in your organization hierarchy to Skillate

You must be familiar with the Departments on Skillate. We understand that all organizations function differently and that their organizational hierarchy will be different.

For smooth hiring with Skillate, we have enabled Manage Hierarchy for Departments. Thus, can define your set of hierarchies before adding a department on Skillate, which will reflect when you create a new job on Skillate.

For adding hierarchy, 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Administration > Office and Department > Departments > Manage Hierarchy.

  2. Add as much as hierarchy levels as required.

  3. Click on Save.

You can now add departments to the various hierarchy levels that are defined. While creating a department,

  1. Define a department name.

  2. Select a hierarchy level to which you want to add the department.

  3. If you have selected any level other than the top level, a list of parent departments will be available on the drop-down menu.

  4. Click on Submit.

While creating a job, the hierarchy will be visible as field labels (to put it in simple words). 
Upon selecting the top most hierarchy, the following hierarchy levels will appear automatically. You can choose the department as required from the drop-down menu.

Why is it essential?
We have introduced a 'Hierarchy System' on Skillate, to provide users with the liberty to configure their hiring workflow. These further help in much smoother approval chain.

Internal Job Posting (IJP) updates

Recruitment easy is always our top priority and hence we have revisited our Internal Job Posting configuration and settings. When you have a job created and you would like to publish them to only a set of employees, Skillate has got you covered.

  1. Navigate to any of the jobs, and proceed to Source Candidates > Internal Job Posting.
  2. You can choose the Grade, Department, and Location from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Clicking on Save & Publish will publish the job on your internal job posting page. But it will be visible to only those employees who belong to the defined Grade, Department, and Location.
  4. Additionally, those employees who belong to the criteria will get notified via email about the new job posting.

Enhanced look and functionality

The month of September in Skillate has witnessed some major redesigning and renaming for features. The major ones will be as follows:

Fresh look and advanced functionality for Skillate’s Overview (earlier Dashboard) and Analytics (earlier Reports(New)). Do check out what’s new with them!

Please be noted that we have renamed the following terms across Skillate for better usability:

  • External Recruiter as External Agency

  • Location for the interview as Meeting Mode

  • Office Location for the interview as Meeting Location

Other feature enhancements

  1. Job Filters in Skillate is equipped with two new criteria. They are Team and Grade based filters. To view the same, navigate to Jobs and click on Filter.

  2. If you would like to view the submitted candidate form as part of the interview feedback form for the interviewer, you can get them enabled by contacting Skillate Solutions.

  3. Set a limit to the number of jobs you can create for your organization on Skillate from Settings > Organization > Configuration > Edit > Maximum Number of Job Openings.

We’ve unveiled all our latest updates in this post. Over to you now- do give these features a spin.

Should you have any Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? feel free to reach out to us at solutions@skillate.com 


Until next time,

The Skillate Team

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