As a recruiter, it is always advised to set up a solid hiring plan. Why not configure one prior when you use a software solution to automate your hiring process?

This article helps you understand:

  1. What is a hiring plan?

  2. What are the various components of a hiring plan?

  3. How can you configure a hiring plan?

  4. What are the advantages of having a hiring plan?

  5. Best practices while configuring a hiring plan.


Permission Required: Only site admin can configure hiring plan at the global level. 
However, members of the hiring team can change the mapped hiring plan at the individual job level.

Understanding Hiring Plan in Skillate

When you log in for the first time to Skillate, Hiring Plan is one of the essential features to be configured.

A hiring plan comprises various stages and interviews defined in the order. Using these pre-defined stages, we streamline the hiring process systematically.

It further helps the recruiters keep track of candidates in various stages of the hiring process and plan for the following actions.

Components of Hiring Plan


These are configured at the global level. As the term indicates, these are various milestones for your recruitment process. Please note that reports are generated using these Milestones.

You add or remove or rename these milestones by navigating to Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan > Milestone Configuration.

Except for Screen, Offer, and Hired milestones, you can rename, add/remove or re-arrange the rest of the milestones.

Note: You can have upto 15 milestones between Screen and Offer milestones. Click on Add new milestone to add a new milestone. Learn more.

Hiring Plan- Milestone Configuration



In the process of hiring candidates, Stages can be defined. It can be a set of interview rounds that are configured at a global level and further at a job level.

Stages can be confusing with Milestones that we have. To differentiate both: Stages are configurable at the job level, whereas you can configure milestones only at the global level.

A candidate will have to clear a stage before moving to the next stage. 

Below are a few pointers for better understanding:
- You can have multiple rounds configured within a stage.
- All the stages and rounds within can be named for identifying them quickly.
- Stages can be re-arranged by simply drag-and-drop.
- Both screening and offer stages cannot be changed or removed by admins.
- You can add any number of stages between Screening and Offer stages.
- The screening stage is the first stage where the Skillate AI engine gives matching scores to candidates. Users can take actions based on the candidate score and move them to the different interview stages.
- The offer stage is the final stage of the hiring plan. You can mark the candidate as hired once moved to the offer stage.

For adding new stage(s) to a milestone:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan > Hiring Plan Setup.

  2. Click on the required Hiring Plan.

  3. Scroll down and click on Add Stages.

  4. In the following pop-up, select a milestone from the drop-down menu.

  5. Add a name to the stage and click on Add <n> Selection.

  6. You can find the new stage added to the respective milestone.

  7. Further, click on the Edit icon to edit the name or milestone. You can delete the stage by clicking on the Delete icon as well.

  8. To add rounds to the stage, click on +Add Round and follow the steps provided in the Rounds section below.

Recruiters can move candidates at any stage irrespective of whether they have finished all the interviews in that stage.

Note: You can configure multiple stages in milestones. Re-ordering these milestones will also re-order stages in their respective jobs.


Rounds are individual steps or tasks added to each stage. Upon completing all defined rounds in a particular stage, candidates can move to the next stage. 

For adding a new round:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan > Hiring Plan Setup.

  2. Choose a hiring plan where you want to add a new round.

  3. Click on +Add Round, and you will get a pop-up where you can choose the type of rounds

  4. You can also choose to Copy (rounds) from an existing job.

  5. Once added, click on Add <n> selection to save.Creating a round in hiring plan

You will have to choose from 4 types of rounds. They are:

  • Interviews: admins can schedule interviews, send calendar invites to the hiring team and the candidates. They can collect feedback upon completing the scheduled interview.

  • Feedback: there is no need to schedule an interview. Admins need to send a reminder to the hiring team to submit feedback. It is useful when there is an internal evaluation or a walk-in interview.

    A feedback questionnaire is not exclusive to the feedback step, you can configure it in the interview and feedback rounds. You will have an option to create a set of questions that the interviewers and reviewers can fill. It helps collect the feedback before deciding whether to move the candidate to the next round.

    Interviewers can submit feedback on interviews using scorecards and questionnaires. To do that, these need to be configured first at the organization level and then can be changed at the job level. To know more, click on 
    Scorecard and Questionnaire.

  • Form: add a form to a stage of the interview. You will have additional sections displayed as a new step in the form flow for the candidates. You can configure a form (set up an automated email for candidates and notification for users) by staying on the Hiring Plan page itself. Learn more about candidate form here.

  • Assessment: you can map an assessment to round. Please ensure that you have enabled integration to any online assessments providers before adding an assessment round to a stage.
    You can either import from an already existing questionnaire or create a new section displayed as a questionnaire for that particular round.

When you have a round added to stage, click on Configure provided against the round name to configure them. A pop-up appears with the respective round's configuration options.
Configure-Edit-Delete a round in hiring plan

Click on Edit icon to edit the round name. If you wish to delete a round, click on the delete icon.

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