Writing a solid offer letter is important because it helps in establishing a common ground between a new employee and the company. A signed offer letter can also protect your company if an employee quits a job and claims that job duties and compensation weren’t described accurately. 

Most importantly, having a professionally drafted, signed offer letter communicates to a candidate that you are serious about bringing them on board.

What to include in your offer letters?
- Compensation
- Work Hours
- The job responsibilities and supervisor
- Benefits
- Leave and vacation
- Key dates

Suppose you have the offer letter ready. But rolling out an offer letter can be a tedious task- especially when you are managing with hiring for multiple positions. 


The fact is, the pain points within the manual process of generating and rolling out an offer letter can be frustrating for both hiring teams and candidates. 

Some of the most commonplace include: 

- Lack of data integrity 

- Time Consuming

- Duplication of effort

- Poor candidate experience


But it is never too late to consider automating and choosing a software solution.

Ready to hire a candidate? Keep it seamless by generating and sending an offer letter through Skillate.

Once you have selected a candidate, offer letters generated and rolled out from Skillate make it easier to bring everyone on the same page.

Pre- requisites: .docx format for templates, salary calculator

Configuring an offer letter on Skillate has essentially 6 steps:

  • Recruiters can configure offer letters by uploading a template with placeholders prior to the hiring process. For easy and faster offer generation, a form can be generated for the respective offer template- where the recruiters upon finalizing a candidate will be prompted to fill up.

  • Once a candidate is finalized for a position and recruiters can fill up the details on the form which was configured earlier. The details automatically replace the placeholders on the offer template.

  • You can have any changes or updates made to the form, anytime! But please ensure that if you have already rolled out the offer letter-  you may have to generate a fresh copy of the offer letter upon saving the changes.

Learn more: Understanding various tabs on Offer Configuration | Getting Started with Offer Configuration

Watch a video walk-through on how to generate offer letters on Skillate here: