Sending Offer Letters for Approval

When you have the offer letter generated, it’s time to send it for approval. The Offer Approval Chain will be considered for completing the process.

  1. Click on Send for Approval and all the users added to the offer approval chain will be notified via email.

  2. In the following pop-up, you can add a message for the approvers.

  3. Choose if you would like to include a copy of the offer letter and the candidate’s resume in the email.

  4. Click on Send.

  5. Upon sending the approval request email, you can click on the View Status to know the approval status. It will display details like in the screenshot provided below:

Approving an Offer Letter (Approvers’ Guide)

  1. In the email, you will have the option to either click on the button or the URL to view the generated offer letter.

  1. By clicking on either of them, a new tab will be opened with all the details about the candidate offer.

  2. You can navigate to the various tabs provided on the top to view candidate details and performance in the interview process.

  3. The Offer Details tab provides details on the candidate offer, along with the offer approval status.

  4. Click on the document provided against Offer Document to view the generated offer letter.

  5. Upon reviewing them, you can click on approving or rejecting the offer letter by clicking on the buttons provided on Offer Details tab.

  6. You will be prompted to provide comments (optional) for the action. Continue by clicking on Save.

  7. The screen will display the success message for approving/rejecting the candidate offer like in the screenshot provided below:

Rolling out an offer letter for the candidate

Upon getting the offer letter approved by the approvers, you can proceed with sending the offer letter to the candidate.

For the same, you have two options:

  1. Sending the offer letter via Skillate

    1. Click on Send via Skillate.

    2. In the following pop-up, set up the email:

    3. You can add Skillate users on cc.

    4. Choose an email template and review the details.

    5. Add attachments if required.

    6. Click on Send Offer. The candidate will receive an email with the offer letter.

  1. Download the offer letter, send it manually, and mark it as sent.

    1. Click on Mark as sent.

    2. The candidate card will be updated as below:

    3. You will have to manually send the email and update the status on Skillate.

    4. Click on Revoke Offer to cancel the offer letter.

    5. For resending the offer letter via Skillate, click on Resend. And follow the steps as provided above for Sending the offer letter via Skillate.

    6. Upon candidate acknowledging the offer, mark as accepted or declined.

After marking offer acceptance

Upon receiving candidate acknowledgment for the sent offer letter, Skillate updates the candidate card as shown below:

  1. You can click on Revoke Offer to cancel the offer letter. Further, the link will expire for the candidate to view or sign the offer.

  2. If a signed offer letter is available, click on Upload candidate signed offer letter to upload a copy of the same.

  3. Suppose the candidate offer acknowledgment has a change, click on the edit icon provided against the acknowledgment status.

    In the following pop-up, you can choose the required status to update on Skillate: