‘Teams’ in Skillate allows you to have more specific accessibility for groups of users. This majorly helps the recruiters in understanding which team is having the job opening. It is better to have it named after the existing team names. Hence, you can avoid confusion while managing a job for the team.

Creating teams

  1. Navigate to Settings > Administration > Users > Teams.
    Adding teams

  2. Click on Add Team.

  3. In the following pop-up, add a team name, specify team members and team manager(s).
    Adding new team

  4. Click on Save to complete the process.

  5. From the Settings > Administration > Users > Teams- clicking on the more options (three dots) > Edit Name allows you to edit the team name.
    Editing a team

Adding team members and team managers

You can add team members and team managers for the team either while creating it, or anytime after creating the team. For the same,

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Administration > Users > Teams.

  2. Select a team and you will be taken to the team details page.

  3. Here, you can click on Add Team Member and Add Team Manager to add users to the team as a team member and team manager respectively.
    Managing teams
    Note: The team manager will have access to all the jobs to which the team members are part of the hiring team.

  4. In either case, you will get a pop-up asking you to choose the users from a drop-down list.
    Adding new team member

You can have teams enabled or disabled anytime. For the same:
1. Navigate to Settings > Administration > Users > Teams.
2. Click on the more options provided against a team name.
3. Select Enable or Disable.