Hiring Managers and Recruiters can configure internal forms on Skillate. Internal stakeholders primarily use these to record candidate details fetched during the hiring process.

Internal forms can be configured and mapped to a hiring plan. You can do it by creating a new round for job or global hiring plans.

For creating a new internal form, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Job Setup > Forms > Internal Forms.

  2. In the following pop-up, click on + Create New.

  3. Add a name and click on Create to complete the process.Creating an internal form

  4. The created form will be available to view and edit from the list of internal forms.

  5. Click on the respective form name to add sections and questions to the internal form.

  6. From the following screen, add a section name and click on Create.Adding a section in the internal form

  7. You can add questions to the sections by clicking on New Question.Adding a new question in internal form

  8. You can choose an application field from the drop-down menu in the following pop-up. For creating a new application field, refer to the help guide here.Adding a new question in internal form
  9. Specify any dependencies, and choose if you would like to have the respective question as a Mandatory, Optional, or OFF.

  10. Click on Add to complete the process.

  11. To preview the form, navigate to the Internal Forms list page and click on Preview.

Note: Viewing internal form and answers
1. Navigate to the Candidates tab inside a job.
2. The internal form status will be available on a candidate card.
3. To view the form answers, go to the Forms tab inside the respective candidate's profile. 

Learn more about mapping internal form to hiring plan here.