Your careers page is in a way, a marketing pitch. It can make an unforgettable first impression in attracting job seekers and converting them to applicants. In short, the careers page is an effective candidate sourcing method you can rely on.


Skillate allows you to set up your careers page from scratch. With user-friendly steps, now recruiters can set up their own careers page via Skillate.

Check out Skillate's careers page designed and hosted via Skillate. 
With no developer or coding assistance, you can now configure your own careers page in just a few clicks!


To help you set up your own careers page, follow these steps: 


 Navigate to Settings > Sourcing Configuration > Careers Page. From here, you can:

  1. See the status of your career page.

  2. Click on the three dots (more options) to change the hosting
    Learn more about various approaches available. 
    Configure careers page from settings

  3. In the following pop-up, you can choose from the list of approaches. Click on Change to save the changes.
    Various approaches in implementing careers page

  4. From the drop-down, you can also preview the draft of the configured page too.

  5. By clicking on Configure, you will be taken through the step-wise process of getting your careers page ready with Skillate.

  6. The career page in Skillate has 5 major steps of configuration. They are:

  1. General
  2. Fonts
  3. Colors
  4. Application Form
  5. Editor
Get started with setting up your careers page here:
General Settings | Setting up Fonts | Color Configuration | Application Form | Careers Page Editor

1. You can preview the configured page at any stage.
2. From any stage, you can publish the page too.
3. If you are making any changes to the configuration, you can preview the changes before publishing the page.