From here, you can customize your company logo, favicon, and open graph(OG) Image for the career page. The size and format specifications will be mentioned against each category. 

  • Please note that the organization logo will be automatically mapped as the one you have uploaded in Organizational Settings.

  • However, you can upload your favicon (the graphic image which appears on the browser tab, right corner) and OG image (which appears while sharing the link over chat or social media).

  • Apart from these, you can also add GA Code to track your page traffic. Learn more.

Follow the below steps to configure logo, favicon, and OG image for your organization:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Sourcing Configuration > Careers Page.

  2. Click on Configure.

  3. From the following screen, you can add your company logo, favicon, and OG image to your careers page.

  4. Click on the respective image placeholder to upload images.

  5. Toggle the button ON for adding About {{Company}} to your job details page.

  6. Further, you can enter your GA Tracking ID.

  7. Click on Save & Proceed to save the changes and proceed to the next step in setting up your careers page.

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