We have enhanced the employee portal UI and flow. Also, we have developed the mobile view for the employee portal. Here are the significant changes that you will notice with this release:

  1. Mobile-friendly: The employee portal is now mobile-friendly. The UI is now compatible with any mobile device. 
    Log in to employee.skillate.com from your mobile device and give it a spin yourself!

(Click on the screenshot above to view the sample screen-flow for the mobile view)

  1. UI updates: we have refined the UI elements on the web view for a better user experience.

  2. Tabs are re-aligned: 

    1. If you are an existing Skillate user, here is a major update. We have merged the tabs- Jobs and My Referrals into one tab, called Referrals.

    2. IJP is now available as a separate tab. Apply to your internal job openings easily!

  1. New filter in Overview: You can now set up your overview view using these three filters:

    1. All Tasks

    2. Interview Feedback

    3. Candidate Review

  1. For managing your account details and subscriptions, you can navigate to the top-right corner and click on My Account.

Learn more about Employee Portal.