1. What is the candidate pipeline in Skillate, and where do I view it?
    Candidate Pipeline in Skillate provides recruiters with a better understanding of the status of the candidate(s) for the respective job. It is a vertical panel on the job’s About pageIt summarizes the number of candidates on each milestone and the split of the total number of applications received, duplicates, and unique applications from them.

  1. What are the methods by which an employee can refer a candidate? 
    An employee can refer a candidate for a job or without mentioning a job from the employee portal. Skillate will add the resume to the talent pool in the latter case.

  2. Why can’t I find the job in the referral drop-down list?
    You can navigate to the respective 
    job’s details > Source Candidates > Referral and check if the referral is toggled ON.

  3. Can I refer a candidate without a job and later assign them to a job?
    When you refer a candidate without a job, Skillate will add them to your organization's talent pool. The candidate can be assigned to a job later.

  4. How does Skillate AI label the referred candidate?
  1. Duplicate check: Any referral made, if it already exists on the database, will have a tag Duplicate against the respective candidate name.
  2. Application Status: The referrer can log in to the employee portal to view the referral status.
  3. AI disqualification: Any referral which doesn't cut the threshold matching score will be visible to the referrer as disqualified. This can avoid confusion about the candidate's eligibility for the job and follow-ups on the candidate's status.
  1. Why should I use Resume Mailbox?
    Suppose you have a resume in your mailbox. Instead of downloading and uploading it to Skillate, you can forward it to the job-specific resume mailbox address.

    Skillate will automatically credit the source to the email address from which it is forwarded. Learn more about Resume Mailbox in Skillate.

  1. How to install Skillate Hire to my chrome?

  1. Navigate to Chrome Web Store and search for Skillate.

  2. You will find Skillate Hire.

  3. Click on Add to chrome.

  4. Once installed, you will have the Skillate Hire extension added on the top right of the page, next to your profile.

  1. Can I use the ‘Skillate Hire’ chrome extension without a Skillate account?
    No, you will need an active Skillate account.

  2. Where can I find the candidates added via the Skillate Hire?
    When you click on 'view profile' from the extension, you will be redirected to your Skillate account. You will find all available information- resume, contact information, work experience, etc. captured and mapped to respective fields within the product.

    To view a candidate (added using the extension) from the respective job details page, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Jobs and select the job to which you have added these candidates.

  2. From the job details page, click on Candidates

  3. You can view all the candidates sourced through the extension, added to the first stage of your hiring process.

  1. What are the various job board integrations available in Skillate?
    We have integrated with iimjobs, Naukri, Monster, LinkedIn, JobsForHer, and Indeed. Learn more about enabling and using these job boards here.

  1. Why can’t I find a specific job board from job details > source candidates > job boards?
    You can navigate to the 
    Settings > Sourcing Configuration > Job Boards and check if you have enabled the integration with the specific job board.

  2. What are the various formats in which candidates can be bulk imported to Skillate?
    You can import candidates directly from a spreadsheet in the CSV or Excel formats and add them to Skillate.

  3. What are the various columns that I can have in the spreadsheet while bulk importing candidates?
    - Name
    - Email
    - Phone Number
    - Referred by
    - Resume Text
    If resume text is not present, you can include the following:

    1. Current Position 

    2. Company,

    3. Years of Experience

    4. Recent College 

    5. Degree.

  4. How do I enable chatbot auto-screening, and why should I use this feature?
    Chatbot screening saves your hiring time by capturing candidates' details like notice period, relocation, relieving letter, etc., and checking if they meet the minimum criteria for the job requisition.
    You can navigate to a
     job details page > Source Candidates > Chatbot Screening, choose a chatbot and you will find an option to toggle the button ON for Autoscreening.

  5. How do I invite candidates in bulk for chatbot screening?
    You can navigate to a job details page > Source Candidates > Chatbot Screening, choose a chatbot, and find an option to bulk invite candidates

  6. Can I have only eligible candidates apply for a job via IJP?
    Yes, you can set eligibility criteria for IJP at a job level. This ensures that only those employees who satisfy the defined criteria can apply for the job via IJP.

  7. Can I have custom questionnaires set for IJP at a specific job level?
    Yes, you can navigate the 
    job details page > Source Candidates > Application Questions and set up a questionnaire from the Internal Job Posting tab.  

  8. What is the expiration date of a job in IJP?
    Beyond the defined expiry date, employees cannot apply for the job.

  9. How do I view the candidates whose source is IJP?

    1. Navigate to the Job > Candidates.

    2. On the left panel, click on the filter: Source.

    3. In the dropdown menu, choose Internal. Those candidate profiles received from IJP will be listed for you.

  10. How do I find the GA code and use it to track traffic to my careers page?
    You can refer to the 
    help guide here to find the GA code for your careers page.

  11. What happens when I blacklist a candidate in Skillate?
    By blacklisting any candidate, the respective candidate will be automatically unassigned from jobs (if assigned already). 
    If the candidate doesn't have any job assigned, the respective candidate will not be displayed for assigning any future jobs.

  12. Why are tags used?
    Tags help you to group candidates and find them easily when associated with a job.


  13. What does each of the sub-sources stand for in Skillate?

  1. Uploaded: it is an open field where you can have the resume source kept customized.
  2. Referral: The same can be chosen here if you have received the resume via referral.
  3. Job Portal: If you have sourced the resume via any job boards. From the sub-source, you can select the job board.
  4. Social Media: If you have found the resume from any social media channel.
  5. Campus: If you have sourced the resume while on a campus drive, choose this option. And in the sub-source, you can mention the source name.
  6. Walk-in: if the candidate's resume was received while on a walk-in-interview.

24. How do I move candidates added to a closed job to talent pool?

When you close or cancel a job, you will find the option to "Make active candidates inactive" from the job details page. Click on it to move all candidates who were not selected for the job to your talent pool.