1. How do I reject a hired candidate?
    You will have to un-hire the candidate first to reject the candidate for the job

  2. Is there a limit to how many candidate resumes I can upload?
    There is no limit to the number of resumes you can upload. However, the resume shouldn't have more than 12 pages.

  3. How do I access various Forms?
    All the forms: Job Forms, Internal Forms, and Candidate Forms can be accessed from Settings > Job Setup > Forms.

  4. What are the different ways in which I can schedule an interview?
    You can either schedule the interview manually or via chatbot.

  5. Can candidates choose a date and time slot for their interview?
    Yes, if the interview scheduling is done via chatbot- they can choose a suitable date and time from the available slots provided by the interviewers.

  1. How do I view the submitted candidate form?
    You can navigate to the candidate details page to view the submitted candidate form in the respective job. Additionally, Skillate will notify the hiring team via email upon a candidate submits a candidate form.

  2. Why should I schedule an interview in a shared calendar?
    Shared calendars enable your team to maintain a centralized scheduling system so that authorized members of your team can schedule, reschedule, and delete a single calendar. 

  3. What are the various calendar integrations available?
    From Skillate, you can choose from available Google, Microsoft, or Default calendars.

  4. How do I configure rejection emails?
    Navigate to the Jobs > Candidates > Required Candidate Details Page, and click the rejection button.
    Select a reason for rejection from the drop-down list provided or add a new reason.

    1. Check the box for Send Rejection Email.

    2. From and To will be auto-filled. 

    3. Choose a template from the drop-down list or add a custom message.

    4. Click on Reject.

  5. When can I mark a candidate as ‘Hired’?
    A candidate in the Offer stage of a job can be marked as Hired. From a candidate details page of a job, you will have the option to mark them as Hired.

  6. How do I fetch the Mercer | Mettl API keys for enabling the integration?
    You may contact your Mercer | Mettl account manager to request the API keys to your account. 
    If you do not hold a Mercer | Mettl account, click here to reach out to Mercer | Mettl team.

  7. How can the candidate access the test generated in Mercer | Mettl, and sent via Skillate?
    The respective candidate will receive an email triggered from Mercer | Mettl with the selected test (from the Skillate platform). They can click on the Start Test to begin their online assessment.

  8. How do I invite candidates to take an online assessment via Mercer | Mettl?

    1. Navigate to the candidate who is in the assessment stage.

    2. Click on Send a test to the candidate.

    3. Enter the candidate's email address in the following pop-up, and the respective candidate will receive the assessment link.

  1. Can I download a copy of the Mercer | Mettl scorecard?
    Yes, you can get the scorecard either via email or from the candidate card.

  1. Why did the candidate receive an email without the link to the candidate form?

It can be because the placeholder for the form link may be missing.

  1. Suppose a user is part of the shared calendar but not added to the interview. Can they update or cancel the interview?

    1. When you schedule an interview for a candidate, the users in the shared calendar with "Make changes and manage sharing" permission can edit & delete the interview from Skillate.

    2. If users are part of the shared calendar but not added to the interview, they can still update or cancel the interview. (Depending on their job accessibility). 

  1. Who will be the host for an interview scheduled via Zoom?

By default, the first user added as the interviewer will be considered the host for the zoom meeting.