1. What are the various ways in which I can log in to Skillate?
    You can log in to Skillate in any of the three methods here:

    1. The conventional method of entering a username and password

    2. Using SSO (Single Sign-On) login via Google

    3. Using SSO (Single Sign-On) login via Microsoft

  1. How do I log in to Skillate if I hold an official account with a third-party service provider other than Google and Microsoft?
    You can use SMTP integration to log in if you hold an email address other than Google and Microsoft. Learn more.

  2. How do I reset my password?

    1. Click on Forgot Password?

    2. You will have to enter the username or email address again.

    3. Click on Send Reset Link.

    4. You will receive a password reset link.
      Refer to the article here for more details.

  3. How do I manage notifications triggered from Skillate?
    The notification tab in Account Settings allows you to manage the various notifications that you would like to receive via email and push notifications.

You can manage notifications for both user and referral notifications from here by simply toggling the button ON and OFF. Learn more.


  1. What is the difference between notifications via email and push notifications?
    When you subscribe for notifications via email, it will notify subscribed ones via the registered email address. 
    On the other hand, enabling push notifications can be viewed by clicking on the bell icon.

  1. How to change the company logo from my Skillate account?
    You can change the company logo by navigating to 
    Settings > Administration > Organization > Basic Details. 

  2. Who can access and manage the organization settings?
    Site Admin, by default, will have access to all the organization settings.

  3. How do I change my calendar integration?

You can change your calendar integration by navigating to Settings > Administration > Organization > Configuration > Calendar Integration.

  1. What are the various authentication methods available in Skillate? Can I change them anytime?
    At Skillate, we allow 
    3 methods of authentication, namely- Password, SSO, and a combination of both. Learn more.

  2. I have signed in to Skillate using Google SSO. But I cannot view my calendar on the interview schedule page.
    Please ensure that the calendar integration from Settings is Google. (
    Settings > Administration > Organization > Configuration > Calendar Integration)

  3. What are the various user profiles available in Skillate?
    The various user profiles are Site Admin, Job Admin, Employee, External Interviewer, and Hiring Manager.

  4. Who can add a new user to Skillate?
    Users with add-user permission can add and manage users. Learn more about adding users here.

  5. If I have Taleo integration for my account, will Skillate automatically import users and map permissions?
    If so, how will a user in Taleo log in to Skillate?
    Skillate helps you automatically import users and map permissions from your Taleo account if there is a Taleo integration module. Upon importing, the users will receive an email with a link to log in and set up a password.

  6. What are user groups in Skillate? What are the access settings for the user groups?
    Groups in Skillate allow having a set of users be a part of specific 
    Office, Department, and Grade criteria. It is easier for the recruiters to create jobs and have the group mapped.

The group members will have access to the created job and corresponding reports. 

  1. Why are location, department, and grade important?
    Suppose you have more than one office location spread across various cities in India. Instead of listing every location one by one- you can probably have them all grouped into North, West, South, and Eastside office locations.

    When creating a requisition on Skillate, 
    you can easily map the location by choosing the group name. Learn more.

  2. What is a hierarchy in department, grade, and location?
    You can have an infinite level of the hierarchy and you can choose to give a name to each level of the hierarchy by clicking on Manage Hierarchy. This will help you in generating reports with the correct label. Learn more.

  3. What are teams in Skillate?
    ‘Teams’ in Skillate allows you to have more specific accessibility for groups of users. This majorly helps the recruiters understand which team has the job opening. It is better to have it named after the existing team names. Hence, you can avoid confusion while managing a job for the team. Learn more about how to create teams.

  4. What are the various reasons configuration is available?

    1. Configure Reasons

    2. On-Hold

    3. Rejection

    4. Job Close

    5. Job Cancellation

    6. Position Cancellation

  5. Can I delete a reason?
    You cannot delete a reason if a candidate has already been assigned with that reason. You will have to remove the respective candidate from that reason or change their status to proceed with deleting the reason.

  6. How to manage various permissions and subscriptions?
    You can manage the permissions and subscriptions for each user role by navigating to Settings > Administration > Permissions & Subscriptions. Learn more.