1. Where do I find the GA code for adding to my careers page?
    Please refer to the article here for the steps to find GA code from Google Analytics.

  2. What is OG Image, and why should I upload the same?
    The OG image will appear while sharing the link over chat or social media.

  3. What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Fonts?
    The primary fonts usually take over the main titles, and the secondary font will go into the body text.

  4. How do I enter the color code?
    Skillate allows you to enter the color in its Hexa code.

  5. What are the fonts that Skillate can read for the careers page?
    You can use either Google or Adobe fonts for careers page configuration.

  6. Can I have a custom application form for the careers page?
    Yes, you can customize your careers page application form at the job level. Navigate to the job details page > Source Candidates > Application Questions.