The feature allows you to import files from your system to Skillate. It can come in handy while you are migrating your data from any other ATS, or you have been using spreadsheets, and now you have switched to Skillate.

Using this feature, you can import files which consist of details of:

  1. Department

  2. Grade

  3. Location

  4. Job Approval

  5. Offer Approval

  6. Agency

  7. Job 

  8. Job template

  9. Users

To import a file with any one of the files mentioned above, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > General Configuration > Import File.

  2. Select the type of file that you want to import to Skillate from the dropdown menu.

  3. To know the details, you can upload using a spreadsheet; click on the Download sample excel file. Skillate has included a spreadsheet ready to download with all the supported header names.Download sample file
  4. You can either drag and drop or upload the spreadsheet with details from your system.Upload spreadsheet

  5. Once you have uploaded the spreadsheet, the next step is to map the fields.Mapping fields with columns in spreadsheet

  1. Against each of the system fields, you can map the required ones from the dropdown menu. You will find all the column headers from the spreadsheet in the dropdown menu.

  2. Upon selecting the column number and sample data from spreadsheet will be auto-filled.Mapping fields with columns in spreadsheet

  3. Click on Start Importing upon mapping all the fields as required.Mapping fields with columns in spreadsheet

  4. Upon completion of the import process, the file name, import status, user’s name and email address will be available on the Import File dashboard.

Importing candidate details from spreadsheet

1. You can follow the same steps for all nine file import types.

2. Download the sample spreadsheet before you start uploading a file from your system. Hence, you will know the supported fields and avoid missing out on critical information from importing to Skillate. 

3. Skillate would prompt you in the Import File dashboard if any of the fields are incorrectly mapped.You can download the file to view the errors.
Click on the Download error file to download the spreadsheet. It will have two columns named: Error Message and Invalid Row Number, which show the details.

4. While uploading the spreadsheet with user details, Skillate will make the user Active or Disabled as per the value in the User Status column.