Recruiters need solutions to complete tasks without switching between different platforms. Skillate’s integration with Darwinbox allows you to convert a hired candidate profile into an employee with a click of a button. This integration ensures automation of the entire hiring process with less paperwork and dependencies. 

When you change a candidate's status to Hired in Skillate, you will get an option to “Export to Darwinbox”. You can click on the button and submit the pre-filled form. Skillate will export the candidate profile details to the Pending List in Darwinbox. 

The integration will streamline the recruiting workflow, from sourcing to hiring and converting a hire into an employee. Further, your HR/Onboarding team can initiate the onboarding process.

Check out this integration and get them enabled for your account today!

This article will help you understand:

  1. Why should you opt for Skillate-Darwinbox integration?

  2. What are the prerequisites for using this integration?

  3. How to use this integration?


  1. Have a valid account with Darwinbox

  2. Procure necessary APIs from Darwinbox which can be shared with Skillate for enabling the integration.

    1. Candidate Addition API: for pushing all the application details, including candidate and requisition details from Skillate.

    2. Add standard documents API: Optional. Only required if the attached documents in Skillate need to be transferred to Darwinbox.

    3. Candidate CTC addition/updation API : Optional. Only required if the CTC/Offer details in Skillate need to be transferred to Darwinbox

  3. Credentials or Authentication headers of all the APIs as mentioned above. 

  4. Details of all the required fields in DarwinBox to create an employee (Field Names and Types). 

Upon enabling the integration, you will fill up the details on a spreadsheet that Skillate team will share. 

Please refer to this sheet, which contains some sample fields on how the Darwinbox team should share the data with you.

 Enable Darwinbox for your Skillate Account

You can get in touch with your respective CSM to get the integration enabled from the back end. Meanwhile, you can be ready with the prerequisites mentioned above to speed up the process.

Export data to Darwinbox

Once you have the integration enabled and details mapped correctly, you are good to use the integration for exporting a hired candidate's details to Darwinbox.

From the Hired candidate profile, click on Export to Darwinbox. Skillate will export the details as per the mapping done.


Once the integration is Live, if any changes are made in the Darwinbox Onboarding fields, you should communicate the changes to the Skillate team. They will help in updating the fields for you.

If not, you might be prompted with an error while trying to export the details.