This article will help you understand the various functionalities you can explore while on the Jobs tab.

While using Skillate, the jobs tab plays an important role. This is where you will find all the created jobs, their status, the number of candidates in the pipeline, referred candidates and much more.

To get started,

  1. Login to Skillate using your login credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Jobs tab.

The search bar helps you find jobs by entering the job name (title) or job ID. You need not have to type the entire phrase, a part of it will help in searching for the job.

#2 Filter

Filter in Skillate helps you sort the jobs based on various criteria. 

  1. Hiring team and role: This is where you can select your team members(s) and specific role(s)to filter out and view the jobs. When you choose β€œMe”, you will be able to view all the jobs that have been assigned to you. Similarly, when you enter a team member(s) name or a role(s), the jobs assigned to the respective team or role will be listed for you.

  1. Job Information: You can enter a job name or ID to filter out the jobs. Also, you can use the job status(s), posting status(s), job creation date, and employment type (full-time or part-time) to filter the matches.

  1. Office, Department & Grade: You select multiple job locations, departments and grade to filter out the jobs.

Upon adding the filters, you will be able to view the applied filters below the search tab. You can click on the β€˜x’ to remove any of them.

#3 Create a new job

You can click on + Create New Job to create a new job in Skillate. Learn more about creating a new job here.

#4 List of jobs

You can view all the jobs as per the filters applied here. Click on any of the names to navigate to the details page.

The tabular columns also provide information about the job status, number of candidates added to the job, their status, etc.

It is a scrollable table; you can scroll through to the right end to find three dots with more actions you can perform from here. They are:

  • Edit: to edit the job details

  • Create DuplicateCreate a new job by copying the job details from the respective job.

  • Cancel this jobCancel the respective job and end hiring.

  • Save as Template:Save the job details as a job template. You can make use of these templates while creating a new job. Learn more about how to create a new job here.

  • Source CandidatesYou will be redirected to the Source Candidates tab within the respective job. You will need to set up the sourcing channel before using this option. 

  • View Candidates: You will be redirected to the Candidates tab within the job.