1. Why do we have custom fields?
    There are system default fields created for common scenarios. Custom fields, on the other hand, are useful since every organisation recruits in a unique method and to collect information that goes beyond what the system provides.

  2. How can I use "custom application fields" in different circumstances?
    The custom application fields can be used to gather information from referrals, careers pages, agencies, and chatbots.

  3. Why should I link a custom application field to a candidate’s profile?
    When you link a custom application field to a candidate's profile, the values entered for that specific field will also be visible on the candidate's About page.

  4. Will the current forms be impacted if I create application questions?
    No, it won't change the forms that are already in use.

  5. What distinguishes application, user, and job fields?

    1. Application fields capture details via referral, careers page, agency, and chatbot forms.

    2. User fields are used in the form, which will be filled in while creating a new user in Skillate.

    3. Job fields are those fields that will be available on the requisition creation form.

  6. How do I include a new field in a job form?
    Navigate to Settings > General Configuration > Job Fields and click Create new
    You can create any number of custom job fields, which will be displayed on the job creation form and the default ones.

  7. Can I delete a custom field?
    No, you cannot delete a custom field. You can only disable them.