Introducing the new “Mandatory Stages in Hiring Plan” on Skillate. 

Using this feature, you can mark any stages on the Hiring Plan as mandatory. Thus, a candidate must complete all rounds within the stage to move to the next stage.


Who can make these changes?

Users who have access to create a stage in a global and job hiring plan can make a stage mandatory.

How to set up a mandatory stage?

This can be enabled from the global Hiring Plan settings page and here is how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Job Setup > Hiring Plan.

  2. Create a new hiring plan or go to any of the existing hiring plans.

  3. Case 1: If you do not have any stages configured: 

    1. Click on Add Stages.

    2. The following pop-up will allow you to create a stage and select if the stage should be mandatory or not.

    3. Click on Add Stage to save the changes.

  4. Case 2: If you have stages configured:

    1. Click on the Edit icon beside the stage name.

    2. The following pop-up will allow you to edit the stage name and select if the stage should be mandatory or not.

You can add a stage as mandatory at a job level as well. It will not impact the global settings.
To add a stage as mandatory, navigate to any job > About > Hiring Plan and follow the above steps.

How to find out if a stage is mandatory or not?

You will find a red asterisk symbol (*) beside a mandatory stage name.

What happens when you set any stage as mandatory?

  1. The changes will reflect only for the future occurrences.

  2. The changes will not be applied for any existing jobs and the hiring plan attached.

  3. For instance, you want to move a candidate from Job A to Job B.
    Job B's Hiring Plan has a mandatory stage configured. 

    You can move the candidate only to those stages till the mandatory stage. The rest of the stages will be in the disabled state. 
    It is applicable in both cases: Add to another job or Remove & add to another job.

  4. You can only move a candidate who is in a mandatory stage to the next stage if the candidate completes all the rounds within the stage. This is applicable from both candidate details page(screenshot 1) as well as a candidate card within a job (screenshot 2).

    Screenshot 1:

    Screenshot 2:
  5. If you are trying to move more than one candidate (Bulk Action) from a mandatory stage to next, you will be prompted if any candidates are yet to completed the rounds within.