Interview Settings

We have added a new global setting exclusively for Interview Email Subject Lines: Interview Settings.

Skillate used to generate interview email subject lines automatically based on the round name and candidate. These were editable at the time of interview scheduling. However, users can now add subject lines based on scenarios. These are based on interviews and feedback rounds within Skillate.

All they need to do is, select placeholders and configure them from Settings > General Settings > Interview Settings. Learn more.


The permission allows the organization to restrict viewing Job Filter on IJP.
By default, it is enabled for all roles in an organization and can be disabled from the Admin page if required.

New Currency: SAR

Skillate now supports the currency SAR (Saudi Riyal). You can choose the same while creating a new job, adding candidate details on the agency form, and candidate filters.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Bulk Action: While performing any bulk action on candidates, only the candidates present on the current screen were impacted, though all candidates across pages were shown as selected. It has been fixed now.

  1. Interview Scheduling Chatbot was not working for SF clients. It has been fixed now.

  2. Agency added to a job did not reflect on the UI within the job. 
    However, it was visible while accessing from Settings > Administration > External Agency, and these changes were saved in the backend. It has been fixed now.

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