What's new in October?

Introducing Eligibility Criteria for IJP

From Internal Job Posting of respective job, click on Add/Remove Eligibility Criteria. It allows you to define the minimum eligibility for a candidate to apply for the job. 

Upon having it defined here, the candidates (internal employees) view if they are eligible to apply for the job or not from IJP portal. Learn more.

HM Experience Survey

Similar to candidate experience survey, HM (Hiring Manager) Experience Survey is now available for fetching the experience feedback from the respective hiring manager. 
It is configurable from the Settings > Job Setup > HM Experience Survey

The survey report will be further available to download from the Overview > Download Hiring Manager Report.

Note: The survey form can be sent to HM only upon marking the candidate(s) as Hired (which means the total number of open positions are filled and the job is closed).

We’ve integrated with HackerRank!

HackerRank is an online assessment platform. Having this integration will help you streamline your online technical assessment process while working with Skillate.

How does it work?

For enabling the integration, navigate to Settings > General Configuration > Integrations, and all you need to do is enter the access token  and click on Connect.

You can also generate a token instantly by clicking on click here to generate one and you will be redirected to HackerRank’s login page.

Updates with Offer Letters in Skillate

  1. Upon generating an offer letter, you can now view the user’s name of who has generated the latest offer letter. It will be displayed against Generated By.

  2. While sending an offer letter to a candidate, you can have the respective Job Details added as an attachment. For the same, check on the View job description. 

  1. Upon creating a new job, the Default Hiring Team will be notified via email.

  2. An email confirmation is sent upon someone submitting a referral, not specific to any job.

  3. Users can send interview reminders to the interviewer. Toggle the button ON from Settings > Orgnization > Configuration > Send feedback reminder to interviewer.

  4. Users can choose if they would like to have the sender email address displayed as a 'reply to' the email address- while sending out an automated email.  
    The setting is available in Settings > Administration > Organization  > Configuration > toggle the button ON provided for Show sender email on reply address.

  5. While configuring an email on scheduling an interview, you can now add any email address to 'cc' (and not just the users who are added to Skillate).

Other Feature Updates

  1. For Naukri integration on Skillate, we have introduced the “Quick Apply” option. For enabling the same, navigate to Settings > General Configuration > Integrations > Naukri.

    Upon opting for this, the candidate will not be redirected to the careers page on Skillate. They can apply for the job without having to leave the page.

  2. We have introduced Rich Text Editor for the Feedback Form and Round. Hence, you can easily format the content from within Skillate.

  3. Attachments now support .msg file format. (wherever .eml file format is supported)

  4. For the Import file, if you are using the feature for the first time, you will get an option to download a sample excel file.

  5. Chatbot answers from a candidate are now available to view even if the candidate has moved to the advanced stage of the interview process. 

Over to you...

We’ve covered all new updates in this release note and our teams continue to work on all sorts of improvements that we can’t wait to see you put to use.

We look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to reach out to us at solutions@skillate.com 

Until next time,

The Skillate Team

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