Once your hiring team has identified the best candidate for the job and decides on the offer details unanimously, you are likely to roll out the official offer letter to the candidate. Skillate allows you to generate and roll out the offer letter by navigating to the Offer stage for the respective job.

This article helps you understand:

  1. How to generate an offer letter on Skillate?

  2. How to update and regenerate an offer letter?

Generating an Offer Letter

  1. Navigate to Jobs > Select any job > Candidates > Offer Stage.

  2. For the candidate who is in Offer Stage,  you will find a button Create an offer.

  3. In the following pop-up, select an offer form from the drop-down menu. 
    Learn more about how to create an offer form here.

Only validated offer forms will be listed down here. If you cannot find the offer form which you need, navigate to the Settings > General Configuration > Offer Configuration > Offer Forms and ensure that you have validated it. Click here to know more about validating an offer form.

  1. Once you have selected the offer form, the form fields (custom fields) will be displayed. You will have to fill up the fields which will further replace the placeholders on the offer letter.

  2. Click on Create

Viewing and Updating a Generated Offer Letter

If the offer letter is not sent for approval, whenever you are adding any changes to the existing one- a new ver is generated automatically.

But if you have already sent the offer letter for approval, upon making these changes you will have initiate the approval process again.

After creating an offer letter, you can find the generated offer letter in the respective candidate card as shown below:

  1. You can download the offer letter in word or pdf formats by clicking on the Download button provided below respective formats.

  2. In case of any changes to the generated offer letter, click on Replace Document. You will be prompted to drag and drop the new offer letter.
    After uploading click on Save.

  3. For updating any of the details (offer field entries), click on Update. In the following pop-up, you can make the necessary changes in the values.
    Click on Create.

Creating New Version

Upon having details updated for the offer letter or replacing the template, you will have to regenerate the offer letter. 
Follow the below steps to create a new version for an offer letter:

  1. Click on the Create New Version provided on the respective candidate card.

  2. In the following pop-up, you will be prompted about having to proceed with the approval process again (if you have already sent one for approval).
    Click on Continue.

  3. Fill in the details as required and click on Create.

  4. The new version will be available to view, download, and send for approval.

Whenever you are creating a new version of an offer letter, it will be updated on the respective candidate card.

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