A candidate form in Skillate allows you to configure a form and collect necessary information about a candidate. These can be sent out to the candidates after entering the recruitment process. The candidate form can serve the purpose of document collection, gathering personal information, etc.


This article helps you understand:

  1. What is a candidate form?

  2. Why do you need a candidate form?

  3. How to configure a candidate form in Skillate?

Note: Candidate form is mobile-responsive!

You can configure the candidate forms for a particular stage in the hiring plan. Before creating a candidate form, you will need all the necessary custom fields defined from the Settings > General Configuration > Custom Fields

Learn more: Custom Fields |  Hiring plan.

Configure Candidate Form

The candidate form configuration essentially has 3 Steps:

  1. Creating a new candidate form

  2. Adding sections and questions

  3. Adding candidate form to the job hiring plan

Follow the steps below each section to get started with your candidate form configuration.

1.Create a new candidate form

  1. The form configuration is moved from the hiring plan to Settings > Job Setup > Forms > Candidate Forms.

  2. Click on +Create New.

  3. Enter a candidate form name in the following pop-up and click on Save.

  4. The new form will be listed within Candidate Forms.

2. Add Sections and Questions to Candidate Form

  1. Click on the form name from the Settings > Job Setup > Forms > Candidate Forms.

  2. Click on +Create new section, enter a section name, and click on Create from the pop-up.

  3. Add questions to the section by clicking on New Question.

  4. From the following pop-up, select a field type. The custom application field and the field types will be listed here.

  5. The field title will be auto-populated. However, you can change it here.

  6. Select if you would like to have the field as Mandatory, Optional and Off. 
    Mandatory: the field will appear as mandatory to submit the form.
    Optional: the candidate can choose to fill the field. Irrespective of which candidate can submit the form.

Off: the field will be hidden. You can unhide it anytime!

  1. Repeat the steps to add more questions to the form.

  2. Upon adding all the necessary questions, you can use the form in the job hiring plan.

You can edit the form questions from the Settings > Job Setup > Forms > Candidate Forms. It will be updated for all the candidate forms.

3.Add Candidate Form to Hiring Plan

Now that you have the candidate form ready go to a Job > About > Hiring Plan. You can create a ‘Round’ and map a candidate form from here.

i. Create a Round:
  1. Navigate to a Job > About > Hiring Plan.

  2. For the required stage, click on +Round.

  3. Enter a round name from the following pop-up and select round type as Candidate Form from the drop-down menu.
    Add Candidate Form as a Round

You can also choose to copy the round from any other existing job.

  1. Click on Create to save the round.

ii. Select a Candidate Form:
  1. Click on Configure provided against the form name from the hiring plan page.

  2. The following screen will allow you to choose a candidate form to map.

  3. Select from the drop-down menu and click on Save.
    You can click on View Selected Form and you will be redirected to the respective form on the settings page.Select a Candidate Form for the round

iii. Configure Email for Candidates:
  1. From the Email Template tab, enter the subject and email body.

  2. Please ensure that {{form_link}} is added to the email body. If not, click on Placeholders, and find the placeholder below Candidates.

  3. Click on Save Changes.

  4. If you want to automate the email to the candidate upon moving the candidate from the respective stage, toggle the button ON.
    Configure email template for the candidate form
    You cannot enable this unless you save the email template.

iv. Who should be notified?

You can notify users upon candidate submits the form. The last tab is to configure the same.

  1. Click on Add provided against Recipients.

  2. Select the users who should be notified upon the candidate submitting the form.Set up notifications for users

Sending Candidate Form to Candidate

If you have opted for automating the process while form configuration- it's on us!

If not,

  1. Navigate to the Candidates in the job’s tab.

  2. Go to the candidate who is in the stage with Form round configured. 

  3. Click on Send Form provided below the candidate card.

  4. In the following pop-up, fill in the required details, and please ensure that you add the placeholder {{form_link}} to add the form to your email.

  5. The From and To will be auto-filled and in the disabled state.If you have added any users who need to be notified (while configuring), they will be added as Cc.

  6. Click on Submit to send the form.
    Configure email to candidate


Viewing a Candidate Form (For Candidates)


Candidates can click on the form link provided in the email to access the form. 

Below is a sample form on how it will be available for candidates.


Viewing a candidate form


Depending on the number of sections and questions, the form will differ from one job to another. They can preview their submission before submitting it as well.