You must have already created a hiring plan for your organization. Now, suppose you would like to change the plan at the job level.

Permission: Site Admin, Job Admin

Let us look at how to configure the hiring plan at a job level. There are multiple ways in which you can create a hiring plan at a job level:

  1. While creating a new job, selecting “Copy from existing” will copy the exact job information, including the hiring plan. 

  2. While creating a new job from scratch, an existing hiring plan configured in the settings page matching the department and location will automatically be applied. If there is no match, the default hiring plan will get used.

  3. On top of the default configuration, you can customize the hiring plan at the job level by adding default stages and rounds defined in the settings page, copying from an existing job, or simply creating new stages and rounds.

Once you have the job created, follow the steps below to configure the job’s hiring plan:

  1. Navigate to Job > About > Hiring Plan.

  2. Follow the steps of adding stages, and rounds to customize your hiring plan for the chosen job.

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